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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fun & Games

Puppy update, yes, because she is so darn cute and growing so fast.

Her favourite pose, look into my eyes....

Odelia got her own chew toy, at nine she has no need for a teething toy but is very happy indeed to have a new toy of her own. She is not against sharing though and lots of tug of war has ensured.

 She and Addy have become fast friends and Odelia just has to go upstairs to get a break from all the puppy energy. Addy can go up but not down yet.

 Who needs television when you have dogs to entertain you? Lots of WWF going on in the living room.
They are all teeth and growls. Addy copies everything Odelia does.

                                       Good blocking technique.

                               The submissive attack.

                               Wait a minute, who are you again?

                           Lots of long naps afterwards. Growing up takes a lot of energy.

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