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Friday, August 12, 2016

How Does your Garden Grow?

 Marty brought in the first corn of the season from our garden. Pretty neat. We have not had any luck with it in the past. And the broccoli looks like broccoli! How cool is that? The first time I grew it I was so amazed by the little heads on it that I admired it too long and it went to seed. Not this time.

 I love squash tendrils. I haven't been that far out recently and have no idea what it is up to at this point. Lots of happy looking leaves.

 Due to the draught like summer we have had and the high temps, this is the year for peppers! They love it and are actually producing a very hopeful number of flowers and the beginnings of fruit. Wow! (Shishito peppers above)

                              The green zebra tomatoes looks pretty happy too so far.

                   Cherry tomatoes by the bunches!

                         Nappa cabbage. Lovely in soup.

                  My other cabbages look good from afar. Slow going for them.

                 The mess of climbing beans show promise with all the blooms on them. We've been enjoying yellow beans with almost every meal.

                                         The corn.

                                               It's taller than Marty!

                                The peppers!

 The squash patch. They sure seem happy this year. You just never know what is going to work.

 Lots of female flowers this year. I am hoping we get lots of fruit this year. Last year was not very good at all for squash.

                           A lone sunflower, left over from last year. A very nice surprise.

The potatoes are a bust, the carrots disappeared, and so there is some disappointment in some of what we planted but other stuff seems okay so far. A little more rain would be nice, that is for sure.

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