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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! Relax A Bit

 I hope that you have all enjoyed your Christmas/holiday break. We made it through another year. Addy has grown a bit over the last few months. She is still all puppy but at least there are a lot fewer puddles in the house! Aaron is sitting in "her" chair.

                                             Need a bounce partner?

                                      A little R&R

                                 A little more R&R.

                              Nap time. It's hard work keeping up with the young one.

                                            Another nap.

                                                     "Helping" change the sheets.

                                  Snuggle time.

                     Aaron came down with a cold on Christmas day. He had good company though.

                                 Joshua and Addy negotiating the seating arrangement.


                               All tuckered out.  Wishing you all a very good 2017.

1 comment:

CatieAn said...

Well we know who rules your house ha.
Loved your photos and took a side trip to your studio...I love it. I try to use old cabinets and such for all my creative stuff.
I hope the new year brings you lots of creativity.


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