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Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas About The House

 Sorry, it has been quite a while since I have taken some time to blog. Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend. Today, being boxing day, is for leftovers and resting up.
Here are some pics of my decorating this year.
Above is my year round angel with a glittery gold candle ring about her neck.

                                  The kitchen tree is in its usual spot on the windowsill.

 This antique pudding bowl was a yard sale find this year. I have not ever seen one with holly on it before.

 All lit up and with a new star on top. That was another fun find this year, in its original box!

                                  Tin trees and another year round angel on the Hoosier.

                      Happy greetings and a vintage plastic garland top the Hoosier.

 Swansdown cake and pastry flour tins all stacked up and a "new" to me Lebkuchen tin with a little white feather tree.

                         A big copper scoop filled with some green glittery Christmas balls.

           Not really a "Santa" person, this mobile made me smile and hangs at the back door.

 I had Marty put a small shelf partway up the wood box and now there is a safe puppy-free spot for some of the stuffed snowmen I have from many years back.

                     The wall tree is in a new spot sporting a few more ornaments.

                               My favourite old battered Nativity sits on a copper charger.

                    I tucked my bottle brush tree collection in among the items in the sideboard.

 I have had the mercury glass candles forever but this year they found a home in some glass candle holders.

 For years I have wanted to fill an old cradle with glass decorations and I finally did it this year. Tucked in is also a string of tiny lights that add sparkle in the evening.

 The puppy was good reason to go with a smaller tree and I am very happy to have it up off the floor on an end table.

                                                             All lit up.

          Up all year long, this wreath of old corsages comes into its own in the winter time.

                                                       Up close.

                                                Lights and garland run up the stairs.

              Cross stitch stocking made by me, many years ago, with my childhood angel tucked inside.

                    Since there were fewer gifts under the tree I put them all into a basket.

       This length of ribbon was a find from long ago. The embossing is still very good on it.

 I have only ever found two boxes/bowls made from old Christmas cards and the one fits nicely into the other.  The pair of Annalee dolls were thrifted a while back. They match the box perfectly.  An old box of tinsel creates a sparkly background.

What is Christmas without a little chocolate? These Stuhmmer filled chocolates are lovely to look at, as well as eat.

              A little magic arrived in the mail just before Christmas! From Switzerland. Yes, some of the bars are already gone. Note the seasonal treat of cinnamon chocolate!

            These chickens are from Sri Lanka and made from plastic bags. A cute little flock.

                                                      The real reason for the season.


Lorraine said...

Your decorations are beautiful and make for a very Merry Christmas!

Ronna said...

Love your decorations! Hope it was a Merry one!


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