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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Polly Put The Kettle On, Our Dresses Need Fluffing

 Hello! I am back. Sorry, it has been such a long while. Life takes over and things get in the way and then you begin to think you have nothing worth sharing, and so on. Well, after a chat with a dear friend, I have been convinced there are still a few who look forward to my posts and so the time has come to get back at it.  I hope this finds you all well and happy with all the warmth, bird song, and hope of springtime.

I have been culling collections and rearranging things as son number one is returning home next week after being away for a number of years. Lots of stuff going on, as always. I am trying to fit a little "selfish fun" into my days and this small project is just one of those "fun" and satisfying things.

  A while back, when hubby was gone much of time with work, I was reminded of the sweet tiny sleep eyes of those vintage Nancy Ann Storybook dolls. I had a few that were my mom's when she was younger. They are long gone, so I went looking for more and over that year amassed quite the collection. They were mostly suffering a little wear and much love. I enjoyed freshening their dresses and when done, they got tucked away.  It was time to take them out and enjoy them.

                                                         Yup, lots of them.

 My mom used to freshen things like hair ribbons and tiny doll dresses over a steaming kettle, so that is what I did too. It worked like a charm!

                                   My kitchen counter, covered in brightly dressed dolls.

And here they all are, tucked into the cabinet, to be seen and enjoyed.  There sure are a lot of them. Next, I might cull this group to just fill a single shelf. In the mean time, enjoy!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

That is quite a collection. Their dresses are so pretty and fresh.
A happy little group.


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