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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Springtime And The Animals

 In our neck of the woods all thoughts of snow have passed and the temps are more summer-like right now than springlike.  The chickens are enjoying being out and about, getting all clean in the dirt.

 A fresh pool of water. How nice. They were much more excited about the old water being poured onto the dirt! Mud is more fun!

                      The meat birds at a week old. They are a happy, busy bunch this year.

 Odelia and Addy are like two peas in a pod.  Well, actually, Addy would really prefer to be the one tucked up against Marty, but this will have to do.

 They do like to cuddle. This is Joshua's girlfriend.  Nap time on the couch. Good thing she likes dogs.

As nice as cuddling is, sometimes you just want the chair all to yourself.  Addy will watch you for a while then climb up and try to squeeze you off the chair so she can settle in on her own. Perhaps she just wants you to warm it up for her first.
"Thonk!" with a paw to the head, is Aaron getting the hint?  Funny, she has liked the rocking chair since she was big enough to climb up.

                                              So, what's up with your own animals?

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