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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Not Just Another Saturday

 They April showers bring May flowers. This May, although early on in the month, has brought record rainfall and in many places not far from us there is a lot of flooding.  And there is more rain coming.  The spring bulbs are up adding some lovely colour to these grey days.

 The chickens don't seem to mind a bit. Water in dirt brings up all manner of delicious discoveries.

 Early this morning, Joshua and his girlfriend came out for a day of adventure. The first Saturday of May is Merrickville's town-wide yard sale. It has been a few years since my last visit. I was determined not to miss it this year.  With all the rain there were still lots of brave sellers as well as a good number of buyers.  Not the usual numbers but still lots of folks walking and driving about.

                                 The rain just kept coming. There were lots of puddles.

                              This sign in the liquor store window made me laugh.

               Folks were very amenable to offers and little money was spent on today's finds. The box everything is in is a trunk tray. No trunk, Just the cool tray. I got some great vintage fabric remnants. Small prints.

                        Remember the "Little Souls?"  Just below is a Bennington pottery spittoon.

                A cute little doll's travel bed complete with a vintage "Sugar and Spice" doll.

                                       A miniature  building block set and a rubber stamp set.

                                            Some small vintage plastic flowers. The wee Poinsettias are in their original box.

                          My favourite find, a painting from the fifties. I like that there is no face.

 Not too long after I got home and changed into some dry clothes, Marty arrived with Jacob, after a week long drive from Edmonton.  It's been four years since he moved away. Back again, this time in hopes to find work closer to home.

Odelia was super happy to see her favourite "boy" again and Addy thought it was pretty cool to meet someone new as well.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Glad your boys made it home safe and sound.
The long range forecast is for some sunny days this week. I hope they are right. I think thrifting was a good way to spend a grey day.


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