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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Reliving Great Meals at Home

 It was several lifetimes ago that Marty and I visited  The Old Spaghetti Factory in Toronto.  It was before we were married.  I had first been there with my dad on a trip for my sixteenth birthday.  It's still there now.  The last time we were there was years ago during the SARS "epidemic."  Not a lot of traffic then.  Anyway, I am not a big "red sauce" girl and was intrigued by their "Spaghetti a la Homer with Myzithra and Browned Butter. No tomato sauce to be found on this one!

Marty and I bought the cheese shaker when we were there, ever so long ago.

 I finally found I could get Myzithra at the MidEast grocer in Ottawa and so the love affair with this dish continues to this day.  It must be a popular cheese as it is often gone when we drop in. Our last trek out there was successful.

The nice thing about eating out sometimes, is that you get to try new things. If they can make in a restaurant, well, you can make it at home.  A great way to relive old food adventures any time you want.

Tada! Not much to look at but oh so very good. Great with a green salad. So easy too, only three ingredients: a good quality pasta, Myzithra, and brown butter.  What's your favourite special dish?

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