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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tree Blooms, Ground Birds, and Picking Rocks

        The trees are blooming and things smell lovely here. The decorative crab apple looks lush.

                                     The ancient pear looks ready for a wedding!

                                                     Lilacs are the best part of spring!

                                             Ancient apple trees all abloom.

 Our little orchard. This is its third summer.  Looking forward to some fruit over the next few years. There are peaches, plums, cherries, assorted apples, blueberries, raspberries, and more.

                                       The chickens are pretty happy to be digging in the garden.

 They are not even bothered by the tractor! Of course, IT is uncovering all manner of treats for them.

 A couple of birds found their way to the old manure pile. Lots of goodies to scratch up there.

                     In between the raised beds, this pair pretty much disappears in the leaves

                                        The new rock pile. Those were some big rocks!

                           Here are the treasures unearthed.  The license plate is dated 1929. I took this after dusk so it looks weird.

                                                 We have these hinges in the house.

Thanks for dropping by.

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