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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Blueberry Picking @ Rubicon Farm

                          It was our annual trip to Rubicon Farm to pick organic blueberries.

 I spotted this neat looking fungus growing on a stump. Can you see the tiny tree frog in the lower part of the picture?

 It was a warm day. Very sunny. Marty and Joshua filling baskets with great big juicy blueberries.

                                                          Aaron working away.

                                                       Emma gathering berries too.

                                       It was a good haul. Thirty-two quarts of blueberries.

I picked 8 quarts of red currants. Removing the tiny stems takes a lot of time however they make the loveliest jelly! I had help from Jacob this year and that made quick work of it.  Rubicon Farm is currently for sale so if you would love to run an organic blueberry farm check it out HERE.
It is a beautiful spot.

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