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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Little Christmas Crafting- Advent Calendar

 I took part in a Facebook swap recently and it was Advent Calendar themed.  I immediately thought of the wee watch part boxes I had. They would be perfect to hold tiny surprises.

 I painted the boxes green and had fun finding wee bits and bobs to tuck in. Above is my initial sample effort. Then to find a way to keep it all together. These are not the final item choices that ended up inside each box. With the boxes only an inch square it was a challenge finding just the right thing to tuck in.

 This is an old Ludo game box. Perfect. I a painted it red, gave it a spatter of white and thought it ready to install the Advent Calendar tree.

 Each box is covered with some vintage Christmas wrap which is easy to poke through to find the surprise inside.  I added some vintage pieces to the bottom of the tree as well as some paper birds to and then added the numbers to the boxes.

One of the boxes has one of these tiny  Shiny Brite ornament boxes in it.  These come in kit form from Alpha Stamps. You can find it HERE, along with many other great creative materials. It was a  lot of fun to make.


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