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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Baking

I just realised that I haven't shown much of my husband's furniture so today I'll begin with a couple of turned Maple rolling pins. They are modeled after an antique rolling pin I found twenty+ years ago in Glengarry County. With the thistle-style ends they are very Scottish indeed. The old Heinz store counter bean crock still works and is perfect for warming cider in it. The old cutting board was my grandmother's. And while we're at it, I pulled the old enamel table out of Marty's parents barn, just after we were married, and made it our kitchen table. Marty and his folks thought I was crazy, but I love it to this day!
Today the peppernuts are finished! Tedious little spice cookies that look a little like kibble, but popular nonetheless. After all, who doesn't enjoy cookies by the handful?

1 comment:

friedaquilter said...

Jennifer, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and I've just enjoyed a return visit. I remember these cookies so well from my youth in Holland where we celebrate Sint Nicolaas on the 5th December. St. N. has 2 little helpers, called Black Peter (very non-politically correct!!) and they used to throw these sweets all around. I can almost taste them, looking at your jar!!


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