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Friday, March 28, 2008

Interesting Find

While scavenging the other day I came across this large book minus its cover. I loved the fact that it was old and the lack of cover didn't bother me at all. I was thinking to myself that there were plenty of pages to use and share in art. Well, once home I had the opportunity to look more closely and found it to be the most interesting piece of history. Many tidbits of info. about all manner of things like the number of Mantua makers in Arkansas or how many coal mongers there were or the per capita stats for the blind, white and non-coloured folk in a certain area. I guess that if you were deaf, you didn't warrant a category. The numbers regarding the Indian population are sad indeed. Needless to say it is a fascinating glimpse into the U.S. near the time of the civil war. My problem now is, do I deconstruct it or save it as a remarkable piece of history? No rush. For now I am enjoying the read.

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