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Monday, June 9, 2008

More Yard Sale Finds

As Saturday was my birthday I spent the morning out exploring the local yard sales. I found a lovely little porcelain clock, a box of vintage wrapping paper, two old chocolate molds, and other little bits and pieces. This lovely portrait is from 1915.
I thought this shelf, already painted red, would be a great addition to the Milkhouse, for display purposes. The little damage in the corner is easy to repair. I also found a wonderful cupboard top. I imagine it was from some old kitchen piece, the base long gone. I will post it later.
Do you know what this is for? Apparently it is used in pellet stoves. Well, I thought it would be perfect for displaying cards or other small paper items. I got two. When unused, they are a lovely stainless steel. This one needs a good scrub and will ready to be put into service.

1 comment:

Kathrin said...

Just checking out your blog... I do wish there were more yard sales in Switzerland to find cool stuff like what's on your picture... Neat!!!


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