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Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Civic Holiday

I hope that those of you who get to enjoy a day off today, have a relaxing break from the daily grind. As dull as it seems, I must comment on the weather! We have had rain almost every day for what seems like forever. It's a little swampy feeling outside and some of my plants are not too appreciative of all the water. There are a couple that don't seem to mind all though.
The rain moves in like a small tropical storm, a whole lot of rumbling then the deluge...then it stops! I think I miss that long, lovely spring we had. We even had hail last week!
I have been busy working away at preparing a table for the upcoming "Talent By the Tower" which coincides with Prescott's Loyalist Days celebration this weekend. In addition to the handmade cards, I assembled some photo cards to sell as well. My main goal is to hand out flyers for the Milkhouse.

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