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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Milkhouse Update

Recently, I have had several customers visit from far flung locations, like Alberta and Ottawa (which isn't that far-flung, but certainly not local.) We have advertised in the local weekly supplement as well as two national antique publications for the summer. There is also the tourism guide for the area around here. I thought it would be good to give folks who may be passing through the area and update on how to get here.
The map above gives instructions to find the Shoppe. From Ottawa, you would head down Hwy. 416 to the 401, and go west to the Prescott exit and follow the map from there. You can always email me for further directions or information too. I am linking this post to the little photo on the sidebar of the Shoppe. So, if you happen to be traveling down the 401 and want to drop in for a visit, I look forward to meeting you. I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.

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