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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Purses! Handbags! and Other Feminine Accessories.

The other day I was in the Sally Ann Shop and noticed this purse in the auction cabinet. You wouldn't be able to hide anything in it, that's for sure.
The woman behind the counter took pleasure in showing me its secret. It collapses to a very flat state. Totally cool. The leather handbag behind was something that was in the auction cabinet but no one bid on it and Joshua later discovered it with everything else, for a buck. It it so well-built it would survive any disaster. It doesn't look commercially made.
This is a shiny little beauty I found at a rummage sale years ago.
This egg-shaped evening bag is from my mom.
I believe this came from my mom as well.

I truly appreciate a well-made, beautiful purse and have a nice little collection of them. No, I don't carry a purse myself, ever. After lugging around a diaper bag (lovely as it was) for three boys born in three years, and doing the diaper-thing-for-three for eight months, I was happy to unburden myself forever. I might pull out a lovely little evening bag on those rare occasions one is necessary ( but that is not really what my life is made up of~ I'm more prepared to haul wood or bake bread), but I still try to carry my wallet on my person. What would happen if I should lose the purse and important things were in it? Any would-be thief would be greatly disappointed as he would only find tissues and perhaps my lipstick and other necessities for going out. Nothing more.

The same goes for jewelry. Love it! Have lots of it. Rarely wear it. It too gets in the way of hauling wood and baking bread. But it does find its way into my artwork.

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Lisa PN said...

What beautiful purses! Thank you so much for sharing. Love it!


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