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Friday, December 5, 2008

Winter Nesting

With the gray days, the early nights and the cold temperatures, I feel the need to cozy up the house. The windows upstairs in my studio space have their original purple (not my colour!) mini-blinds in them. They are big windows facing north, west, and east which is great for working, when there is light. Otherwise they are just cold and barren-looking.
These linen curtains have been mine since I got married and they were in our first apartment so many years ago. I eventually gave them to my mom in hopes to sell them but after a number of years, no one wanted them. She gave them back to me. They fit the window perfectly and suddenly the room feels well-dressed and warm.
Now that the elder son has moved on, it was time to thoroughly tidy up his former space and move my sewing machine up there. In the loft there is no wall to prevent your falling to your death to the floor below. Shortly after moving here, I found these crates for a great price and we made a wall out of them. They are screwed into the posts at each end and fit very snugly, so now the area is secure. I gathered up my overstock from the shop and all my funky containers to tuck into each crate. Now things are organised and easy to find. Fun to look at too!
As our baking needs are diminishing, I was able to take these apothecary jars from the kitchen and fill them with something more colourful than sugar. Now we just need to replace the now missing mattress in the room and we will have two guest rooms available. There is more to do, but that will take time.

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