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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Lovely Morning Out

Yesterday morning, Aaron was at the market, so I met a friend down there and we went for walk around Blockhouse Island and down main street window shopping (most things are still closed at 8:30am. Go figure).
We ended up at a little place called "Connie, Stage Right," which carries lovely bits and pieces of old treasures along with newer items too. They were just unlocking the door. I found the silhouettes above which are not perfect but I couldn't resist. They are headed for the guest room with the rest of my collection .
All old boxes have a mysterious appeal for me as you never know what wonders might be lurking inside. Was there really just a brush and shoehorn in there?
Well, yes there was, but aren't they totally cool? I have a number of ideas percolating for them.

~I took the above photos the right way but blogger insists on posting them vertically. Sorry.

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