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Monday, July 13, 2009

Vintage Calendar Samples

Feels as though I haven't posted for a while. Things have been very busy around here.
~the calendar pictures here are part of a collection of over three hundred that I have. I will be selling them on eBay soon in groups of like subject matter: Scenic, children, pretty women, risque, etc. They are all salesman samples.
Joshua passed his GED and did very well too. I can't believe it's all over, the whole school thing. Even Joshua said he still feels like he should still be studying! Onto other things. He hopes to apprentice to become an electrician.
The rental car has been returned so we are a one car family with a nutty schedule of work demands to keep up with. Hard to believe that come September my two oldest will be off to their second round at college, away from home this time. For all you moms of boys out there, you know what that means. The food bills will dramatically drop!!
Aaron is now down at the Blockhouse Island Artisan Village as well as the Brockville Farmers Market during the week. Good opportunity to make new connections. Lovely venue too.
Make sure you take a moment to check out my long time friend's new web site, www.evellamas.com . She has been a friend since grade twelve art class (she was also my maid of honour) in Windsor and now she is raising Llamas in Rocky Mountain House Alberta. They're adorable!
Have a wonderful week!

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

I will have to let Sandy Camarda know about this. I'm sure she would love them.


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