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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting Tidy

Another early morning. Market day. Saturdays are well-attended by vendors as well as the public. Weather looks great too. It seems that market days are also normally rain days this summer. My folks arrived and Marty and sons departed. Not before Joshua and I did a little dog cleaning first. Odelia, not crazy about baths at all! Gumdrop, resigned to them, but appreciates that good feeling that comes after you dry and get a good brushing.
Even Truffles got a good cleaning. Everyone likes a fresh salad after all the housework is done, don't they?
Odelia has been a very good puppy with visitors about. However, she isn't quite sure why my folks don't appreciate her lap dog qualities while watching television. Here Joshua is rubbing her gums where there are still teeth to finish coming in. Aaah.
Ribfest down at Hardy Park, in Brockville this weekend too. That should take care of lunch, don't you think?

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