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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Collections For Sale

In some of the boxes my mom sent along are pieces from her personal collection of Black Memorabilia. Above is a funky little chenille village, made in Japan (1950s) and a neat metal piece(1920s). I think it is based on and old fairly tale.
Above is another assortment of items. Two candle holders, and Robertson's Marmalade item, a plate from Australia and more. The handsome gentleman on the right is actually an antique diamond smuggling doll. His head pops off and there is a little hollowed out bit inside the wooden torso. I think I will be listing these things on Ebay come September as I don't believe there is much call for this sort of thing locally. If any of you see something of interest feel free to email me.

As summer comes to a close I hope that everyone has at least one more day of relaxation before the big exodus to school begins.

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