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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bubble Tea

I had quiet plans to get started on the latest Creative Underground swap and to get some studio changes taken care of, but the delivery guy showed up with a little box of joy. I have been enjoying Lychee Bubble Tea at the local food court in Brockville. As is my tendency, I figured there had to be a way to enjoy it at home too. After a little research and surfing I found a source in BC., made my order and voila! here it is three days later. Now that's service. The bag with the Lychee powder was damaged and after a lovely chat with whoever was at the other end, things were taken care of. She also informed me that I had been sent a 3kilo! bag of Tapioca instead of the one kilo bag as they were out of the smaller one. That's going to make a lot of Bubble Tea! However, it can be tucked into smaller bags and frozen. Perfect.
So, while my one cup of tapioca pearls boiled away in a large pot of water for 45 minutes I divided up the rest of it and made my simple syrup and studied the recipes included in my package. After draining the Tapioca and adding some syrup I blended my powder and crushed ice together added the lovely black balls of jelly and tucked in a big straw. Now I know why it costs $5 for one at the restaurant! Pure bliss! Just as good as store bought (maybe a little better.)
~finished beverage on the left Tapioca in centre and syrup on the right.

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