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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


On my dresser I have a little cabinet with items that belonged to each of my grandmothers. Above is my paternal grandmother. As a young person she went it McGill University and while in line for her schedule, she made friends with another student. They were best friends until the day my grandmother passed away.
After that, this wonderful friend of hers dropped by our house to visit on her way to Quebec for vacation. She kept in touch with me until she passed away recently. It was like getting to know my grandmother all over again. Ann Marie was able to share with me what life was like before husbands and children.
This is my maternal Grandmother. She was a very unique individual with a colourful family history. Years ago I assembled albums, bringing together all the pictures from each side of the family for my parents. You learn a lot while reading old letters and after examining photos over such a long time, you get to know people you never got to meet in person.


Ronna said...

Nice post Jen.

Chantal said...

I love family history too. Never got to know my maternal grandmother. Love hearing stories about what she was like.

Carol said...

Family history is great. It's wonderful that you have items from both your grandmothers. I'm contemplating putting some of my family treasures into deep shadow boxes.


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