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Friday, January 29, 2010

Habitat's Re-Store

It was an early and productive morning when I got a call from a friend and she wanted to head off to Ottawa to check out the Re-Store for Habitat for Humanity. She's embarking on a major addition renovation and the Re-Store is a great place to find items for home projects. It's a fun place to visit. You never know what you will find! She got her tiles for a shower stall and I found the neat light fixture above for our own little bathroom reno. It was $15 and everything in the store was 25% off for the month of January. I also found a great medicine cabinet, with lights for $30 and the neat little boxes there too. They were seventy-five cents each. I love the little handles on them.

Our trip home was adventurous as there were white-outs all the way back. We made it though and today, the warm temperatures of early January are but a memory. Winter's back.

I found the book at Winners. It had a list price of $115. I got it for $30. Its cover does nothing to give you a hint of the glorious photos inside of homes and rooms from all over the world. I had long ago gotten rid of my "decorating" books as I am pretty much set in my own personal style at this point, but this book is just wonderful to look through. The inspiration inside is endless.


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