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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Still Cold But We Like The Sunshine

For Christmas, Joshua bought me the letters here that spell "HOME" and only today did we finally get them up on the wall. Marty didn't want us to makes any holes in the plaster so off we went to pick up some of that neat 3M Velcro picture adhesive stuff. Perfect. Good hold and no damage to the paint or wall upon removal. This is at the top of the main stairway. Much of the wall is impossible to access so this is a nice foil for the space.
This is the wall at the bottom of the little stairway down to the kitchen. I have always seen empty walls as blank canvases. Yes, it makes my husband crazy sometimes but I enjoy having neat stuff to look at, and as a housewife I'm seein' the walls more than anyone, day after day, month after month...well you get the picture.

Anyway, I love those silhouette wall stickers you can find at Winners but they are a little dear depending on the design you want. The chandelier is perfect for this spot. It dresses it up and no one can knock it off the wall coming down the stairs. I found it in the clearance isle yesterday for only $8. I was nervous about applying it but it went on very nicely and you can remove them safely with a hair dryer later if you want. You can not re-apply it once removed though.

After all these little jobs were done I made more soup this weekend. This time squash and potato. Very filling but nice on a cold day.


Marlene Luchies said...

Looks awesome. You just have such a great eye for placing those items where they make a real punch!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Yes th chandelier adds just the right touch!


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