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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Here's an animal shot as there haven't been many with all three dogs for a while. They are all milling about the door to the back of the house as Joshua is on the other side working. They don't like closed doors. They like to be right int here with you, "helping" or whatever they think they're doing.
It was a totally beautiful day today. Not too cold, and super sunny. Joshua and I went out to our usual haunts and ran some errands in Brockville. Above are some of the finds from our adventures.
I had two coupons for movies at Blockbuster so I was able to find some movies for Marty. After a week of not being able to much of anything, he is a little restless. The 200 bird sounds book is for him too. Odelia is obsessed with bird sounds so it is great fun teasing her with all the neat noises that come from the book.
The noiseless poker chips are neat. They are made from pressed paper. I was thrilled to find the Chinese brush painting ink stick and brushes and a few little sparkly bits. The three little porcelain fruit things are just "things" made from bone china. I thought they may be salt and peppers but no. It took a lot of scrubbing to get off all the dark bits on them.

I was thrilled to find another Mohair wrap and the doll was a real surprise. She is a character vinyl baby with Magic Skin arms and legs. Normally, Magic Skin, which is an early latex rubber, would get all brittle and dry out and disintegrate. Though the limbs have darkened they are in great shape. She has a cloth body and her crier still works. I love the little nest filled with Easter chicks. The Umbra canister in the background is for a friend.
Well, time to feed the dogs. It was nice to get out and enjoy the good weather before it turns too cold again.


Ronna said...

Love the doggis!!
Nice finds. Who's the friend...?

Jenny said...

The dogs go very well with the tiles on the floor. You manage to coordinate everything!


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