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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dental Cabinet Update

On the weekend I spent some time stripping the dental cabinet I recently found. Here is a shot of the drawers stripped. I did the sides too and it looks great. With the black Bakelite handles and the black counter and funky base in black, I think it will look quite striking. I was hoping we would have time to get the finish on it, however.....

Joshua came home from running an errand on Monday, all excited as he found a set of discs for the tractor ( my auction purchase last fall). Only $75. Off he and Marty went to check it out, then home again to pick up the trailer and retrieve said discs.

Then it was time to try them out. A lot. We have a section of property that Marty has wanted to clear since we moved here and now he he finally can. He wants to plant a few apple trees. Anyone out there with an inexpensive plow attachment?
Oh well, I guess we'll put the finish on the cabinet this coming weekend.

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Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

dental cabinet is looking good.


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