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Friday, May 28, 2010

When You See A Hippo In The Driveway.....

This certainly caught my eye as I drove home after dropping Jacob at work this morning.
I stopped the car, turned around and headed back as the homeowner was in the driveway and I just couldn't let my self-conscious nature get in the way of finding out more about these fantastic creatures I have been seeing about for more than a year. This pair of Hippos is in the process of becoming complete.
My first siting was in Merrickville and I posted pictures then of a wonderful Giraffe and an Elephant. (Click on the links to see more about Mr. Turnbull and his work)

They are the work of Rob Turnbull, of Spencerville, Ontario. He was featured on the local CTV telelvision show, Regional Contact not too long ago.
I love the simple lines of this wonderful Inuit piece. It is made from paper pulp.

You can also find his work at Homestead Gallery in Kemptville, Ontario. I see this little guy (eight feet tall) every day I pass by, taking Jacob to work.

Here is another Rob Turnbull siting. At Saunder's Critters and Garden Centre, Kemptville, a friendly Kangaroo!
He creates all manner of wonderful pieces. Thank you Rob, for taking the time to chat and share your work. You made my day.

1 comment:

Nichola said...

Those are sooo wonderful! My aunt lives in Kemptville and I never visit... I think it might be time to change that :)


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