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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Merrickville Town Wide Yard Sale

I was fortunate to come across a pile of old stereo cards, postcards and Cartes de visites( CDVs). The lovely little frames of the cherub are joined together.
These are my "almost" favourite find. Pay o mind to t he price stickers. They were sold as a lot for $10. Twenty-five beautiful hand-tinted fashion plates going as far back as 1863.
Here are the small treasures I came across: a table whisk with a Scottish Lassie on it, a kitschy Christmas bell, an old angle candle, the loveliest of drawer pulls (well they must have been lovely at one time), a tin with broken rosaries in it, an adorable little Japanese wooden doll, satin glass heart dish, an old insulin bottle in it's original wooden box, and what I thought was a pill box with lovely enameling is actually a lady's ashtray!
These are some more little bits I found. The old woman is actually a German "nodder." Her hubby came with her but his head needs to be reattached to the weight that hangs inside t he body.
I love the graphics on the front of the tin microscope box . It's empty and the latch doesn't work but I have been creating assemblages in my mind every since I got home with it. Sometimes the ideas just scream at you.

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Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Jen... the kitchy kitchen angel. I want to tell you a short story. I grew up with an angel - that was mine. Anyways - I love bells and started a small collection of them. One day at the Elora store - I found 2 other angel bells. Well working at Market Road Antiques - I bought a book - it had the bell I grew up with and the 2 I bought.... they were a set of 3 - they belonged together. So... inadvertantly I got a set... Not knowing that... but a set none the less.... I was pleased.
The book is Vintage Christmas Ceramic Collectibles. Walter Dworkin. Your angel is in it. There are 2 other angels to that set. dated 1956. Napco Co. #AX1694A & B, S1694B. The other 2 angels are 5 1/4" high, yours is 4 3/4's. The other two one has a star in left hand and right hand waving, and the other candle in right hand and left hand waving.
A lot of information, hope you wanted it.


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