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Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Fun Finds

Last Saturday found me hanging out at the market with Aaron again. There were a few yard sales that we stopped at and here are my finds. These vintage Christmas labels are neat. Too early to think about the holidays. Too hot too! The wine labels are new but the graphics are very nice. Unused. Even better.
This is a plaster frame with a porcelain figure attached inside. A little cleaning up and it will look great!
I found this poor old photo at Goodwill. It was lovingly glued back together and I rather like how the old ghostly image of the old photo corners remains.
At the market, the girl next to Aaron was selling Glads and at the end of the morning she had four left and gave them to me. I have been enjoying watching them open all week long. As you can see they are coming to an end now. The flowers remind me of lady's skirts twirling about.
My favourite find Saturday was this group of cobalt Bromo Seltzer bottles. These are looking very nice in the Milkhouse window with the sun shining through them!
Have a great week Everyone.

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