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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Swiss Are Coming!!

These Lindor chocolate balls mean a great deal to us in the Vanier household. They remind us of an angel in the form of a fifteen year old girl who came to live with us, fifteen years ago. She was a student from Switzerland and her little bio read, "Quiet, loves to read and play piano."
Well, I surely appreciate quiet, being the mom of three little boys at the time and we did have a piano back then too. I hadn't ever thought about hosting a student up until then but we went with our hearts and were abundantly blessed by her sharing a year with us.
She was an unflappable big sister to the boys, great company to me and a fine debater to Marty. She loved to bake too. Something we did a lot of together, that year. Need I mention that she also introduced us all to the fine world of Swiss chocolate?

Anyway, she is coming to visit in exactly one month! This time she brings along her husband and brand new baby girl-oh, and more Swiss chocolate too. Lots to do to whip this place into shape before they get here. We will also be spending a couple of nights at the cottage while they are here.
Happy Labour Day weekend Everyone!

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