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Friday, October 29, 2010

Autumn Beauty

Aaron and I went for a walk this week and there was much to look at and enjoy. Once hidden by leaves, empty nests abound.
I love how this Cedar tree stands in contrast to the yellow Maple.
Last year, I bought a bunch of sad little pots of discounted mums to use in my milk cans. they thrived with a little attention and at the end of the season I tucked them all into the Milkhouse Gallery garden. They are very happy there! I get to see them every time I step out the door.
~Don't forget the 20% off sale in the Milkhouse!
Have a great weekend, Everyone.

1 comment:

Heritage Harvest Farm said...

Jen. I just refound you! This means you Are still in Prescott as you are speaking of the "Milkhouse" I had thought I lost you when you had said you were moving. I had not made the connection until I saw your comment on my blog. I am thrilled to know you are here.


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