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Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Walking Shots

These pictures are from the end of our driveway. At this point, in our walk, Aaron made the comment that he thought my walks might be more "productive" if I actually did some walking. Funny guy.
When I was little, my grandmother liked to take my brother and me for walks. She loved to go for walks. My grandpa worked as a grounds keeper at a golf course and they lived right on the property.
Their house was pretty neat from a child's perspective. Their basement even had a dirt floor! Can you imagine that? Maybe that's where my love for old houses comes from. They can be so very mysterious you know. My grandmother had an old wardrobe in the room we slept in. I imagined all kinds of things "lived" in there.
On our walks she would have so much to tell us about everything we looked at, whether it be birds, trees, flowers. Perhaps, that is why walking is not an activity that can be done without a camera for me. Too much to look for and see.
Enjoy the weekend!

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