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Friday, October 15, 2010

Upper Canada ViIlage- Printer

My dad said he was tired of seeing pics from Upper Canada Village here, so before I take a village break (I still have to share with you the Tinsmith's shop and the Flour Mill) I am sharing my favourite spot in the whole village. The Printer's.
This place is fabulous. All the old equipment and watching the magic happen before your eyes was fun. Here she is inking the design.


Voila! Wonderful!
Who wouldn't love some of these drawers in their studio?
Here she is explaining that the terms "uppercase" and "lowercase" refer to where the actual "capitols" and lowercase letters are kept. Capitols in the "upper" case and the rest in the "lower" case. Hmmm. I thought there was more ancient and complicated history to the terms, but alas, no. Kind of obvious if you're a printer I guess.
Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone!


Sheila said...

I would love a drawer set like that...wow! Just beautiful. Have a great weekend Jennifer. Any luck on the home sale front?

Mya.L said...

I want a printing press like that one!


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