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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Lovin' The Garden

I am always thrilled when something I planted keeps coming back. In North Glengarry where we used to live, things did not grow so much as survive in the clay and rocks. Here, it is a different story. So here goes, more flower love!
Never had much luck with Poppies until we moved here. This plant is very happy, tucked in near the Milkhouse. I'm expecting a good show this year. Lots of buds.
Jenny gave me this plant a couple years ago. It just gets better every year. Love the blue!
My Azalea seems pretty happy this year. I brought that from Alexandria too.
The Clematis is happy and I have a number of buds ready to open. NEVER had any success with these before.
Little Chippy is just chillin' on an empty feeder.
Along one of the hedgerows, tucked amongst a lot of other growth, an old snowball tree. I'm thinking it started as a shrub but now it is a spindly thing that still puts out a few blooms each year.
A little stroll to the pond will always net you a few surprises.
Have a good week!
I'll try to get some shots from the poking about Joshua and I did today. Yes, I enjoyed a very pleasant birthday.

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of your garden ...and coming across a tortoise/turtle? What a great surprise.
P.S. Happy Birthday!


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