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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The End Of Our 36 Hours Away

Heading home we stuck to the interstates and made our way up to Watertown. Lots of lush green geography all the way back.
Once in Watertown we stopped at a big mall and took a wander about Joanne's Fabrics & Crafts. It's been many years since I have been to one of those! It was most illuminating to discover that the dies for your basic die cutting machines are regularly priced ten dollars less than here! And they were all half price that day too! We only got three. There was a great variety to choose from!!!
Once we had worked out the kinks from siting in the car for so long, we head over to Appleby's for a bite to eat. For fun we tried the deep fried won-ton with Asian chicken salad and cilantro. Yum!
As always I got the fish, with extra lemon slices. Left the fries and tarter sauce behind.
Marty tried the portobello mushroom chicken with spring veggies. He enjoyed it.
Then off to the border bridge and home again. I didn't realise it but it is exactly one hour from Watertown to our house. How cool is that?
By 7:30PM we were back home to happy dogs and tired bodies and my mind filled to the brim with all the good things we did in 36 hours! Great sights, great people, great memories. It will be a long to come before such a trip is possible again. That's okay. I've got lots to keep me busy right here and inspiration to carry me for some time to come.

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