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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy Weekend

We experienced some lovely weather this weekend and we took full advantage of it. Marty rebuilt the mower deck on the lawn tractor.
We stopped at two yard sales. I found this old, neglected Singer treadle machine. Yes, the wood needs to be replaced and we haven't decided if Marty will reproduce what's there or simply create a new top and turn it into a side table. I have just the perfect spot for it at the other house.
The sewing machine is still present. I love the decals design on it.
I also found a few other little bits along the way.

I finally got the insides of those funky fifties kitchen cabinets painted and cleaned up. Even Marty lent a hand to the process. Naturally, power tools make quick work of cleaning off decades of kitchen grime. He also waxed and buffed the tops of the cabinets. Wheeeee, slippery~!

They look great now.
All ready to be brought up to my studio and put to use.
Marty then moved on to anther project. He is replacing the wooden parts on an antique Victorian school desk for someone. You can see the cast iron components on the floor to his left.
It was perfect weather for opening both garage doors and enjoying the birds and scenery and the cool breezes that spent the day meandering through the workshop.

Here the cabinets are upstairs waiting to be placed in the studio. No, there was no trouble putting them where I wanted them. However this change has necessitated some more changes to make things look right. Thankfully I have two sons home and they have been most helpful facilitate some of the changes I wanted to make. That is for another post.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

That is a very ornate design on the side of the sewing machine. The kitchen cabinet colour scheme reminds me of two-tone dresses from the sixties.


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