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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Critters

With everything blooming around here you cannot help but notice all the activity outside. Critter activity that is.

I don't know what it is with the wasps this year but they are trying to build their nests in the oddest places- in the garbage hut and also in our mailbox. That's a first!

You can hear them all day long and at night too. The tree frogs and peepers calling to one another. This little guy is hiding on the top of the door to the Milkhouse. I have had a couple fall on my head so now I know to take a look before venturing forth.

Another garbage hut occupant. He stuck his head out when he thought I wasn't looking.

This guy is hanging near the light on the workshop. Easier to catch bugs.

This fellow is just chilling in the sun.

All these moths were hanging around the same light. I love the bright pink. It reminds me of a Muppet creature.

Very smart-looking markings here.

Always a stunner at several inches wide.

This one looks more like a dessert of sorts than a moth.

And of course, classic white, perfect for the warmer months.

A few weeks ago we enjoyed watching this young lady head back to the pond. It was out behind the Milkhouse. Long walk to go lay eggs!


Ronna said...

Great post. Love all those critters. Very cool. Love the moths. And that turtle? Fabulous.

Evlyn said...

The pictures of the moths are lovely. The pink one is amazing.

Jenny said...

So many visiting tree frogs with their handsome markings - hopping, singing lichen. The pink moth is gorgeous. I've never seen one like it. The light brown and white one is very attractive too. I'm glad your turtles are still thriving. Maybe you'll see some babies later. Thanks for sharing the critters.


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