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Friday, June 1, 2012

On A Cloudy Day

Cloudy days are often thought of as less than appealing compared to bright, clear days. Not so in my book. Cloudy days offer an endless picture show of ever-changing clouds. Like snowflakes, they are all different in some way and never stay the same for very long, always strolling across the sky.
When I was little I had a neat cloud poster from the Museum of Science & Technology in Ottawa. It identified all the clouds you see at any given time. I used to know what they were all called too. Not anymore. I just find them fascinating and love to watch them move across our yard. Here are eleven pictures I took yesterday while we were out playing with the dogs. Well, yes, the boys and the dogs were doing most of the work, what with tossing, kicking and running about. I was otherwise distracted.

If you pretend the trees are rocks, you could imagine you are looking at steamy Niagara Falls.

Did you happen to notice the football in two shots?
Have a wonderful weekend! It's our 28th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Nothing special planned. Our big adventure was two weeks ago, in Saratoga springs, at the EarthAngelsToys 11th annual Art Girls Spring Fling Event.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Awesome sky pics! Especially like no.2, 3, and the last one, but they are all amazing. Keep up the skywatching!


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