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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Anniversary Day-Trip, Ogdensburg NY

Today is our 28th anniversary. We did a little driving about, visiting the Brockville Farmers Market and then heading over to Ogdensburg for a visit to the Frederick Remington Museum. I looked on-line to see their hours and admission fees. It said it was $9 for adults. Well, apparently there was a special promotion on so it was only $3 for each of us. Nice!
It was a wonderful place to visit. The woodwork kept Marty's attention. It was incredible. Sorry, no pictures of that.
His work is wonderful to view in person. His sculptures incredible. Did you know he only made twenty-two sculptures? As wonderful as all the artwork was I was taken by the frames on each piece. Almost every frame was different from the other and each was just beautiful. From the very ornate,
to the more classical in design,
they all were well-suited to each painting.
He chose each frame himself.
The docent at the museum told us that at one time all the paintings were "re-framed" in simple "gallery" frames and only later on were the originals put back. Thank goodness. They were art in their own right.

We stopped here for a bite to eat. The parking lot was full so we guessed it would be a good choice.
This is just one example of several menu signs, the others hanging behind the counter.
It is housed in a long low building, the interior has hardwood paneling and certainly takes you back in time when you enter. According to my research it has been around sixty years. It was full of locals enjoying food and conversation. It's a great old fashioned greasy spoon. Good food and great prices. My fish platter cost $5.95! The fries, which I usually avoid, were very good too.

Well, that was our day. Traditionally we order in Chinese food and watch Anne of Green Gables each year on our anniversary. Special thanks to SR for making this little adventure possible.


Ronna said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Congrats!

Evlyn said...

What a pleasant way to celebrate. Looking at Art on your anniversary seems so appropriate. I love all the pictures of the frames.


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