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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ernest Comes To Visit

 Someone small and sweet and furry came to visit yesterday afternoon.  Ernest is a Boxer/Lab and is the latest addition to a dear friend's family.

 We brought Gumdrop out to make proper introductions.  Gumdrop was none too pleased to find visitors AND a four legged creature here.  Ernest wasn't too impressed with Gumdrop's less than sincere hospitality.  Unless, genuine disinterest is what you were looking for.  Gumdrop went back inside.

 Odelia was thrilled to find new friends outside and then noticed Ernest.  Odelia was most interested in getting to know this little guy better.

                                                  First, check out the top half.

                  Then check out the bottom half, being certain to drool all over the poor thing.
                     Ernest likes to chase leaves and catch them.  Then set them free.

                  Being a puppy is very hard work and it is important to take lots of naps.

                                                  Ernest arrived in a cat crate.

                       He left with a big crate because Ernest wont be a puppy for long.


Jenny said...

What a cute little puppy! Odie would've been a good mother, just like Ginger.

Grace Pringle said...

How old is he? It's crazy how a big dog can start out so tiny ^_^

Unknown said...

He's so cute!! I had a puppy like him when I was younger.


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