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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Free Art Supplies

 I got a call from my favourite decor store and made my way out yesterday for the mother-lode of the best creative supplies you can get- FREE ones.
The book of wallpaper above had the loveliest papers with a hand stamped look and feel.  The sample on top is my favourite.

                       Sometimes there are coordinated pieces of fabric in those books too.

                        The best book was full of grass cloth wallpaper.  It was wonderful!

                                                      What a great assortment.

In with all the grass cloth was this single piece of wallpaper: cork veneer on a copper background.
How cool is that?  Before it was discontinued, you could do a room up for only $230 per double roll.
I would never put any of this on my wall.  All I can think of is all the dust that will gather on it over time. However these are perfect for so many creative projects.  And free!  After all, once the sample books are discontinued, they just get tossed in the garbage.  Have you made use of wallpaper in any of your projects?

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!


Mya.L said...

You are a lucky lady! I love wallpaper sample books - the top samples are beautiful.

Grace Pringle said...

I remember my Mom had a couple books with cloth and paper samples. My sister and I used the paper to make cards and the cloth to make blankets, pillows and dresses for our doll house :)


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