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Friday, October 26, 2012

Imitation Being The highest Form Of Flattery

 We have had a couple of old oil tanks lying around the property for years.  It was finally time to haul them off to the scrap yard.  They wont take it until it is cut open and burned out, clearing any residue of oil.

Time to get to work.

         The flames climbed to the top of the tank and then were gone.  Ready for the scrapyard.

The other oil tank was perfectly dry inside.  No residue.  I have wanted the guys to cut out some funky garden ornaments for years from one of the tanks.  The timing was right this week.  Aaron did the drawing with chalk.

                                  Joshua, handy with the welding tools, did the cutting.

                                            It was perfect weather for outside projects.

                                                  The first piece cut was a crow.

                                                          Here is my short cow.

 It has found a home next to the barn for now.  Marty still has to weld some rods to the legs so it can stand in a garden.

                My moose is hanging out near the workshop, nibbling on some spent flowers.

This is the piece that inspired all this activity.  I bought this little cow at Art in the Garden in Perth a couple years ago.  It is made by the talented and creative Jean Pierre Schoss of Dog Bite Steel.  He has the most delightful array of creatures, all cut from steel.


Jenny said...

What wonderful animals! And talented young - and older- men. Great way to recycle the tanks.

Nichole said...

Those look so cool! :D You're men have great talent :)


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