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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Precious Little Gifts.

On Tuesday I had a chance to see some dear friends.  Sue gave me a little bag of handmade goodies.  The crocheted ornament is beautiful and a welcome burst of colour any time of year.

Sue has an Etsy shop:  Mfumo, which is 'cloth' is Swahili.  Just look at these delightful leaves and pansies!
                                       How about a little garland of beaded flowers?

This tiny string of hearts has a secret.  The vibrant colours comes from wool being dyed in Kool Aid, of all things!


Mitzi said...

I just heard about Kool-Aid dying, and now I see an example...I'm impressed! I love the little hearts...very sweet!

BTW, I mentioned you on my blog post today!

Grace Pringle said...

I love the green leaves the best!


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