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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All That Dirty Laundry

 Don't we all wish at one time or another that we just didn't have to do laundry? It is endless, always growing and never truly done.  As long as you live, wear clothes, work, you will generate laundry.  Well, be careful what you wish for. My machine stopped working a while back. Well it still ran but the bearings were shot on my dear old front loader and needed to be changed.  A call to Sears revealed that they don't sell just the bearings but the whole tub as a replacement.  "You can't just change the bearings," they said.  That will be $700 please.  !!  I don't think so.  A little research and a few calls later we got a new bearing set (eBay) and all the necessary info. to do the job ourselves.  And for less than $100.

 Okay, I use the term, "ourselves" loosely as it was mostly Marty and Joshua who did the job.  It took many hours, but by evening I had a washing machine that could be used again.  YAY!

                                                                  The tub.

 As I had emptied the room we decided to give the space a fresh coat of white paint.  Not the lovely yellow I wish it could be but it is a nice fresh space, ready for a whole lot more laundry-doing.

I am officially all caught up now and no, I really don't mind doing laundry.  It is satisfying to open and drawer or closet and find what you are looking for, all clean and ready to go.  I actually enjoy ironing too.
So, what is your favourite household chore?  I know, everyone asks what you hate doing the most but there must be something that brings some level of satisfaction in the doing.

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Grace Pringle said...

I get the impression that manufacturers make it difficult to fix things (except their way) on purpose. I am glad you found a cheaper way of doing it!
I think my favourite house-hold chore is just generally putting things away. When the room is a mess and then I put things back exactly where they belong and everything looks great! Either that or making meals (when I'm not tired or in a hurry)


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