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Friday, January 11, 2013

Odelia's Precious Cargo

 Odelia's got a new ball.  Well, so does Gumdrop but she is much less "attached" to things like balls. They are great for chasing but after that they just go into the bin until next time.

 Odelia has a much more serious approach to her toys.  This ball is just the right size for her.

            It presents more like an unwieldy growth in her cheek, but for her it fits "just right."  she carries it everywhere!

                                                      It's never out of her sight.

                    And if you show any special interest in it, it goes back into her mouth.

 She likes to keep her precious things close by.  We are always picking up "groupings" of toys all about the house.
                                              Have a good weekend, Everyone!

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