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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Branches Are For Tug-Of-War

 It was nice out yesterday and the recent warm temperatures have allowed some of our snow to melt.  So, we tramped across the snow to an area where there was grass and tossed the ball around for a while.  Gumdrop dragged over a branch to show Odelia.  Gummy loves to drag long branches and sticks around.  The bigger the better.   Odelia hasn't given much thought to what good branches are.  Inside she likes to pull bark off the wood we use for burning and eat it.  But that's another story.  Here, Odelia is checking out this new "toy."

               "Fine, I'll  take it for a spin." Odelia thinks everything belongs to her anyway.

               Gumdrop isn't so keen on letting her branch go, so she gets in on the action. It's not often that the two of them actually play together.  Odelia is far stronger than Gumdrop but is happy to play along as opposed to just taking the branch and leaving.

                                                     "Oh!  We heard a noise!"

                                             It's much more fun playing together.

                                                           Aaron joins in.

                And then the branch broke.  One piece for Odelia, who never tires of tug-of-war!

                                   Gumdrop is happy to be left alone with her piece.

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