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Monday, January 7, 2013

I just Had To share, Because Sharing Is What It is All About

 A Little while ago I found my way to the wonderful blog, "A Holy experience."  It was after reading a wonderful book called, "One Thousand gifts."  I was deeply moved and challenged to do as the book suggests: name those things you love, are most thankful for , the little gifts we all have filling each of our days.  To fill a book with Eucharisteo- to give thanks, a book of thanksgiving.
Dear Ann Voskamp, writer of One Thousand Gifts is Canadian too!

Come Christmas I wanted to do something special for those on my list and so made journals and included the new DVD of One Thousand gifts.  Who knows, maybe someone else will be similarly moved and accept the challenge to name their own gifts.

I used  the free down loadable images from the A Holy Experience blog to fill and decorated journals to include with the DVDs.

                    It was a fun a creative way to share what I loved about the book/DVD. I had hoped that folks would appreciate my little gifts, but even more, that they would be inspired to take up the challenge.  I got an encouraging email from one friend and then my own hubby watched the DVD and committed to his own list of gifts!  My guys have been watching it too.

And this morning, what should arrive in my mailbox but the most wonderful surprise: a hand made Eucharisteo banner!  A bright and cheery reminder to never forget to name those things you love, are grateful for, each day, every day.  In the Bible, each miracle is always preceded by giving thanks.
What are you thankful for today?


Sandra said...

Thank you, thank you! for sharing it is just what I needed.

anita said...

Just lovely, Jen. You have a caring heart. This book has been life changing for so many people. I am thankful God gave Ann Voskamp the heart to write this beautiful book.


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