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Monday, April 29, 2013

Very first Yard Sales of the Season

 Joshua and I went out Saturday morning to check out a yard sale or two.  Sort of a warm-up for the big town-wide sale this coming Saturday in nearby Merrickville.  With limited funds and a short wish list it was a surprisingly fruitful outing.

                                           I got a nice pile of old linens for five dollars.

 This lovely plate has a lot going for it.  It is my favourite brown transfer-ware, has the King and Queen on it, as well as all our  provinces at the time too.  I love the expression, "Dominion of Canada" too.

 I picked up these little duck salt and peppers because I knew at home I had a sugar dish to match, which I had found years earlier.
 This made me laugh as on the bottom is a sticker that says, "Souvenir of Morrisburg."  I never really thought of Morrisburg as a destination for skiing, unless it was cross country skiing.

 I had thought these sweeties were salt and pepper shakers but they are just little figurines.

                       A glass dog and metal deer.  I have the same deer in ceramic too.

                                 This battered up little baby dish was free.  It is still charming.

                                               Another small grain shovel for my collection.

And, as though I need another suitcase, this one is really neat as it is metal and the inside is immaculate.
With a little washing up it will look all but new!  Oh, and the half tom block and tackle, under the suitcase, was Joshua's find.
Any yard sales in your area this weekend?

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